Bryce and Melissa

This was my first wedding. As expected from any photographer, I was extremely intimidated by the whole process. Fear and anxiety ran through my mind as I played through every worst case scenario. What if my camera failed? What if the memory card corrupted and I lost all the images from the ceremony? The last thing on my mind was rain. Pouring rain. 

The rain started to pour after the kiss. It was like the heavens responding to the moment. Tears of joy. After the ceremony, it was time to take group shots. With the rain falling, we had to quickly gather up everyone (with the amazing help from the Maid of Honor). The rain would just not give up. It poured relentlessly. Thank god for weather sealing. 

The rest of the wedding went smoothly. Although the rain may have changed the entire schedule, the couple still had an amazing night! 

Here's a couple pictures from the day!