Headshot Sessions: Marissa

This past week, Marissa came in looking for a new headshot. She wanted something she could use for auditions as well as something to promote her fitness and dancing classes. 

Marissa chose to go with my "Power Hour" type of session. Basically in a "Power Hour" session, I tell my client to bring as many looks as possible. They have about an hour or two to get through all of them as they wish. Compared to a full shoot, this option is the best if you are looking to save some money! 

Our first look was simple. I set up a white seamless backdrop with two Yongnuo YN560-III Speedlites left and right of the backdrop. This will give you a simple "infinite" white background and will make you headshots pop. The keylight was a speedlight with my new Wescott Rapid Box with the deflector plate and external diffusion material attached. This is a fantastic lighting modifier for a portable and collapsible beauty dish. The output of this modifier is amazing. I'll have a full review of it soon. 

Below my key light is a simple white reflector. I prefer to use white over silver mainly because I want to keep my lighting ratios slightly unbalanced. I find when using silver, it creates too much light under the eyes and chin, making the face too flat. 

This technique is called "clamshell lighting". I use this method all the time when shooting with a female client. 

Lighting diagram.

Lighting diagram.

The final result. Notice how the background reflects a subtle highlight on her back shoulder.